RESOLUTION FOR SKOPJE 2020    Writer, Producer & Director: George Stamkoski

Produced for the 2020 global ecological campaign JOIN THE RESOLUTION       Planet Resolution      Facebook      Instagram      #resolution2020      #voicefortheplanet


Every winter, air quality in North Macedonia’s capital  Skopje ranks amongst the worst in the world.

This life-threatening problem poisons the whole Balkan region and undermines the quality of life for people, animals and plants alike.

Yet the international cooperation needed to seriously tackle pollution is sadly inadequate.

In 2020, we need to make a Resolution:

  • We urge individuals, government and industry to recognize that pollution and climate change cause many health, social and economic problems.
  • We resolve to overcome the apathy arising from the misguided belief that the problems are too big for us to solve.
  • We will find ways to work together and reverse pollution by investing in our future in ecologically sound and sustainable ways.

Stand with Piccolo and be part of the solution!

© Volatile 360 NMK 2020



Children’s Choir PICCOLO from State Music and Ballet School Center “Ilija Nikolovski-Luj” – Skopje

Choirmaster & Conductor: Vesna Dimchevska

Lyrics Translator: Kristina Nikolovska

Cameramen: Vladimir Dimovski & Kiril Shentevski

Music Recording & Mix: Teodora Arsovska & Igor Vasilev, FAMES Studio Skopje