In times of change,
learners inherit the earth.

Eric Hoffer

Volatile has developed diverse training courses plus innovative TV and online learning formats, and are now creating apps to deliver knowledge based content via mobile phones.

Our self improvement courses includes a 10 DVD set with recipes from Britain’s leading raw food chef, the multi-level baby2bodypregnancy and post-natal fitness DVD, a 50 lesson interactive Piano Lessons DVD, training videos for aid workers, in-house media presentation and pitching courses for business leaders, media workshops and vocational training videos for UK colleges.

We’ve produced public information and training media for UK and international broadcasters, educational bodies, the European Commission, the British Foreign Office, USAID, UNTV, NGOs and the first ever diploma for humanitarian aid workers.

Our editorial and advertorial output has informed TV viewers about financial institutions, energy companies, travel sectors, the mobile phone industry, performing artists and record labels.