UN Division of Information, USA

United Nations TV, UNTV former Yugoslavia

Imperial War Museum London, UK

United Nations Protection Force UNPROFOR

UNTV   Assignment for United Nations TV and the UN Division of Information during 1994-95.

Filmed with the complete logistical backup of the United Nations Protection Force UNPROFOR in Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia.

Wrote, produced and directed stories about hope in the face of adversity during the wars in former Yugoslavia. Stories included profiles of refugees, anti-war diaries by well known musicians and reports on the activities of UN agencies within the mission areas.

Weekly UNTV shows were aired on television networks across former Yugoslavia and a network of 25 western European TV broadcasters. The programmes and footage are now archived at UN headquarters in New York and The Imperial War Museum London.


SECURITY IN SARAJEVO  The deteriorating security situation in the besieged city

LET THERE BE LIGHT  Utility deprivation as a weapon of war

ETHNIC CLEANSING  Expulsions of Muslim refugees into the Tuzla region

RUSBAT-2  The Russian battalion operations in Grbavica overlooking Sarajevo

PREVENTATIVE PEACEKEEPING  The UN Preventative Deployment Force in Macedonia

CENSUS IN MACEDONIA  Council of Europe supervises controversial census

MACEDONIAN ELECTIONS  Pre 1994 election views of main parties on security issues

NOVSKA  Bosnian refugees in transit through Croatia to Germany

ADILA  11 year old Bosnian refugee living in Skopje hostel

ODYSSEY  Croatian mother relates odyssey of searching for missing family

BOZE  Head of Serbian troubadour group on how UN sanctions are affecting him

GILE  Lead singer of Belgrade rock band Elektrican Orgazam speaking out against the war